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Despite how I feel about the past year as a whole, there were still some good things that came out of 2020. From spending more time with Ryan and my family to slowing down a bit and having a chance to focus on some self-care I was able to discover some great new brands and products and found a whole new love for some items I already owned. Since we’ll be facing some similar circumstances to start off 2021, I wanted to share some new favorite and most used  items of 2020 with all of you!

01. Fleece Sweater: This sweater is a recent find but I’ve already gotten a whole year’s use out of it in just a few weeks. It is SO soft and comfy and it comes in tons of cute colors. The best part is that it’s a great dupe for a designer sweater for a fraction of the price. Definitely wait to buy it until it’s on sale!

02. Basic Long Sleeves: When Target was the only place that was open I took advantage of my visits to get a little retail therapy in and discovered their amazing basics. These long sleeve shirts come in every color you could want or need and are the perfect basic for layering or wearing with comfy joggers. I have multiples of each color and wear them almost everyday especially in the winter months. They also come in a t-shirt version that I stocked up on for the summer months. The best part is that they’re right around $10 each!

03. Memory Foam Slippers: These were an early quarantine purchase that I’m obsessed with. My feet are always cold so I wear slippers or socks around the house all day. These memory foam slippers are incredibly comfortable and super soft. They come in three colors ( I have the pink!) and are less than $25 which is a steal for slippers!

04. PJ Salvage Lounge Sets: PJ Salvage was a last minute addition to the list because I got this set for Christmas but it’s safe to say I’m already hooked. Their super cute lounge sets are the softest PJs I’ve ever owned and are a must for spending lots of time at home.

05. Target Joggers: These blush pink joggers were another great quarantine Target find. I stocked up on all the joggers I could find at the beginning of COVID and these are by far my favorite. I actually went back and bought another pair recently because I wear them so often. They’re comfortable, soft enough but not too hot and are also at a great price point for $20!

06. Pamela Munson: While I was daydreaming of the days we could travel, get dressed up and go out to dinner again I fell in love with everything Pamela Munson and got this gorgeous bag for my Birthday. I even got to use it a few times for a few COVID safe outings over the summer. While my specific bag is sold out I’m so excited to see what they come out with this summer and hope to have more chances to use mine again!

07. Guadalupe Design: This was a pre-covid discovery from a trade show I attended but I’m obsessed with all of the dresses and pieces designed by this brand. The dress I purchased is also out of stock but the same style comes in a bunch of beautiful prints and patterns that I love like this one! While I didn’t have a whole lot of places to go this summer I still got a lot of use out of this dress because it’s so comfortable and easy to throw on on a hot day.

08. Rattan Belts: These belts were another pre-covid purchase that I got a lot of use out of over the summer. They’re such a fun accessory  that make it so easy to change up a dress, skirt or high waisted shorts plus they’re super inexpensive which makes them a no brainer.

09. Target Bikini: There’s always one or two Target Bikinis that sell out right away and last year this was it. I bought this for our trip to Florida and ended up wearing it a lot over the summer while hanging out in our backyard. I was super excited to see that they brought it back this year and it comes in quite a few colors. It’s a very flattering style for someone with a smaller chest like me.

10. Classic White Sneakers: Sneakers were a wardrobe staple for 2020. Since I didn’t have a need for fun party shoes I stocked up on sneakers and this white pair ended up being my go to. They’re simple, comfortable and they go with everything. I wear them year round too.

11. Ugg Minis: These are not only a 2020 favorite but probably an all time favorite. I recently transitioned from the short Uggs to the minis and I’ll never look back. The minis are so much more comfortable for running errands in the winter months and I even wear them around the house as slippers sometimes too.

12. Galison Puzzles: I got really into puzzles back at the beginning of quarantine and am thinking about starting back up again soon. I’m in love with Galison puzzles because they have the cutest scenes but dang are they hard! This puzzle took me about a month to finish and I was pretty religious about working on it!

13. Vitamix Blender: This was a wedding gift – not a 2020 purchase but it was probably the most used item in my kitchen. I’d guess that I made a smoothie about 80% of the days in 2020. I love starting my mornings with a peanut butter, banana and berry smoothie or a this green smoothie recipe from Southern Curls and Pearls. While this is incredibly pricey if you’re a smoothie lover like me it’s so worth it!

14. McKenzie-Childs Cocktail Shaker: I was gifted some beautiful McKenzie-Childs pieces after attending an event with the in February. Unfortunately due to COVID I wasn’t able to entertain much but this cocktail shaker definitely came in handy. I made lots of cocktails during quarantine but my favorite had to be these watermelon margaritas.

15.McKenzie-Childs Tea Kettle: One of my favorite ways to wind down at night is with a cup of tea. I especially loved my tea routine during the stressful moments of this past year so there’s no question that I got a lot of use out of this McKenzie-Childs tea kettle. It’s also a fun way to add some color to your kitchen! If you’re not a tea-lover but like this tea pot I did a little tutorial on how you can use to to make a floral arrangement here!

16. Handwarmer Mug: Speaking of my love of tea, this is one of my favorite mugs that Ryan got me this winter! It has the coolest handle that allows you to wrap your hands around it and warm them up. No matter what your hot beverage of choice is this mug is so cute for the winter months. I couldn’t find my exact mug but if you search handwarmer mug on amazon you’ll find tons of different kinds.

17. Bobbi Brown Bronzer Brick: I didn’t wear a whole lot of make up in 2020 but when I did I relied on super easy multi-purpose products like this shimmer brick that highlights, bronzes and blushes all in one. When I was running out to the store or hopping on a zoom call this shimmer brick made it so easy to quickly add some color to my face. This will be a forever make up favorite for me.

18. Peter Thomas Roth Discoloration Treatment: One of the things I tried to focus on while spending more time at home was my skincare. I did a sponsored post on this product last spring and was honestly shocked by the results. I truly did see a big difference in some of my acne scars and dark sun spots. If you’re interested in my full rundown on the product you can check out my post about it here.

19. It Cosmetics CC Cream: Another make up favorite from this year was this It Cosmetics CC Cream. If there was any year to perfect a lighter more natural make up look it was 2020! I’ve always used fuller coverage foundation but since discovering this It Cosmetics CC Cream I rarely ever use a full coverage foundation anymore (only if I’m going out to dinner or to an event which I didn’t do much of this past year!). The classic CC cream has a slight dewy finish to it, if you prefer something more dewy or more matte they have two other finishes that you can check out as well.

20. SkinCeuticals C+E Ferulic Serum: I FINALLY bit the bullet on this serum a month or two ago and so far am really loving it. I definitely feel like it’s helped brighten and even my skin a ton. While It’s incredibly pricey I can see how it will last a while. I use it every other day and

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Pick three “filler” florals or greenery
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